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Seychelles canceled deal to build a naval base with India.

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On the other hand, where Seychelles President Danny Faure is preparing for the proposed India visit on June 25, Seychelles on the other side has canceled the agreement with India to build a naval base on its own uncompressed island. In a press conference this month, President Danny Faure had said that when he comes to India, then there will be no discussions with Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the Ascension Island project. This move of Seychelles is seen in a way as a failure of India’s diplomatic efforts.

In the past, it was also reported that India’s $ 9 billion deal breakdown with the Russian Federation was to develop the Next Generation Fighter Aircraft. Seychelles has shocked India’s exercise in counterfishing its foot prints in the defense sector to counter China because of breaking the agreement of the military base. The President of Seychelles also announced that all the objectives of this project are now over and Seychelles will build this military base with his own funds next year.

He said, “In the next year’s budget, we will keep the funds separately for the construction of the Coast Guard facility on the Asmason Island. We must have a military base in this area. ‘ Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale, recently went to Victoria, but failed to maintain the deal. This agreement was reached between India and Seychelles in 2015, when PM Modi visited this country. However, on this deal, former Foreign Secretary S. Jayashankar started the discussion again and he also signed. However, by the end of his tour, it was believed that this agreement could not be saved.

According to Seychelles media reports, the government is responsible for the breakdown of the deal, Ramkavavan of Indian origin, who had given an indication of this agreement after the visit of India, but later he declined from his point of view. . This deal can not be passed without the approval of the opposition.

Considering the sources, India is preparing to make another agreement with Seychelles. According to a Defense Portal, Seychells can deal with France for maritime security. This news was given by the French French Defense Officer, who said that France wanted to build a military base in Seychelles to protect the French citizens living in the Indian Ocean region.