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Sex toy trapped in bladder, carried out by operation.

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A person was very expensive to cheat himself from sex toy. Actually, a sex toy was trapped in this man’s bladder, but for two days, he kept away from going to the doctor. But suddenly the blood started flowing in the person’s urine, after which he got upset and reached the doctor.

The name of this person who has been around 30 years of age has not been disclosed. The case is from Taiwan. Head Xian Bang-Bing, head of the urology department in the hospital told that the plastic rod length was 20 centimeters (7.87 in) and the width was 1 centimeter.

The patient told the doctor that he was trying to please himself, and then accidentally, sex toy went to his bladder, after which blood began to bleed with urination. Later, doctors took the device out of the cystoscopy process. However, now the patient has been discharged from the hospital and the doctors believe that he will recover soon.