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Sean Connery Death: Sean Connery, who played James Bond, dies at the age of 90

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Bad news from Hollywood, actor Sean Connery, who plays James Bond, dies.

This year is going bad for the film world. In the first Bollywood, the death of many actors including Irrfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor, Sushant Singh Rajput, gave a shock to the fans. Meanwhile, a piece of bad news came from Hollywood on Saturday, where actor Sean Connery died. He made a distinct identity by playing the character in the detective film James Bond.

Sean Connery breathed his last at the age of 90, according to UK media, which won several awards, including the Oscar. He was ill for a long time. He was also facing many problems related to age. His family confirmed his death news. He worked on the big screen for decades. He received one Oscar, three Golden Globes and two BAFTA Awards for his talent. In the first film of the 1962 James Bond series, “Mr NO”, he became famous worldwide by playing the role of a secret agent. People used to call him as 007.

Recently a survey conducted on the James Bond series. In which the movie fans were asked who they thought was the best actor in the James Bond series. On this, 44 per cent of people took the name of Sir Connery. It was followed by Timothy Dolter with 32 per cent of the vote, followed by Pearce Bronson at number three. Only 23 per cent of them liked him.

He spent his childhood in poverty
Sir Connery’s full name was Thomas Sean Connery, born in Edinburgh. His family was very poor, due to which he did not complete his studies. He had to leave school when he grew up. He then laboured briefly and then joined the Royal Navy. When he joined the Navy, he was only 17 years old, but Connery could not stay there for long. He quit his job after three years due to his ill health. Then he started recovering and started bodybuilding.

He had worked in these films
Popular star Sean Connery expanded his career with movies like Marni (1964), Murder on the Orient Express (1974), The Man Who Been King (1975), The Name of the Rose (1986), Highlander (1986). Apart from this, he has also appeared in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), The Hunt for Red October (1990), Dragonheart (1996), The Rock (1996) and Finding Forester (2000).