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Scott Morrison became Australia’s sixth Prime Minister in 11 years, 30th Prime Minister of Australia.

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Canberra, Australian Finance Minister Scott Morrison has been elected as the new Prime Minister, who will replace Malcolm Turnbull. Morrison, close associate of Malcolm Turnbull, who was ousted from the post, won 45 votes against 40 votes in the party. Turnbull’s other ally Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was also in the race for the post, but she was already out in the race for the first phase. In addition, the name of former Home Minister Peter Dutan was also in the discussion.

Australia has chosen its sixth Prime Minister in the last 11 years. Earlier, Turnbull said, “He has got a petition, which states that he has lost majority in his party. In such a situation, his party has decided to pick a new leader. ” Let me tell you that after the motion of no confidence in the Labor Party last week, the Labor Party has again submitted a motion of no confidence against him in the Senate and has announced the possibility of a sudden election.

Let me tell you that after the non-confidence motion last week, when the motion of no confidence was presented against him in the Senate again, he had said, “If the resolution is passed, he will quit politics.” He further said that if the decision to elect the party leader again, he will not present his candidature, although he also briefly told his tenure as meaningful. Asked whether he would remain in politics even after being out of power, Turnbull said, “I have made it clear, I believe that it is better to stay out of the Senate for the former Prime Ministers.”