Saudi Prince Miteb bin Abdullah released

Saudi Prince Miteb bin Abdullah released

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After the charges of corruption, Saudi Prince Muteb bin Abdullah has been released on Tuesday after being detained for more than three weeks. Officials have confirmed this.

Prince Miteb, who is once seen as the claimant of the throne of the throne, has been released after agreeing to pay more than a billion dollars.

He was among 200 political and business people who were arrested on November 4 in the anti-corruption raid.
Three others have also reached the agreement with the Saudi government.

A Saudi Arabian official told AFP news agency, “Yes, Prince Miteb has been released today (Tuesday) morning.”
Prince Miteb, the head of the Saudi Arab National Guards, is the cousin of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and was politically the most influential person in the people arrested for corruption.

64-year-old Miteb is the son of former King Abdullah and is the only member of this family who was in a big position. Before this arrest, he was removed from his post.

Prior to this month, Prince, Ministers and top businessmen were arrested and arrested in a luxury hotel on charges of corruption.

The officials seized their private plane and their property.
Bribery to business in Saudi Arabia, the world’s richest oil producing country, has long been an important part of corruption.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has the support of 81-year-old King Salman, his father, and he has insisted that the country needs reform. They are engaged in campaign against corruption and for this, they have stuck their eyes on some big people.

The masses are welcoming this campaign to deal with corruption, with the hope that some of the property of the country will be redistributed to the common people.