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Saudi: Instead of the models, drone rampswalk in a fashion show.

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Riyadh, The most weird fashion show ever held in Saudi Arabia was held where clothes were displayed through drones instead of models. Yes, videos of this event have been posted on Twitter, in which Drowns can be seen rampwalking. However, it is also being criticized on social media. However, the organizer of the show said that he decided to use the drone due to the month of Ramadan.

This fashion show happened at Hilton Hotel on Jeddah’s Red Sea port. In the video, the clothes of hangars hanging on the hangar are seen flying. A user on Twitter has compared this fashion show to horror movie. But some Twitter users have also severely criticized it. They say that the use of drones instead of women shows restrictions on women in Saudi.

The show’s organizer Ali Nabil Akbar told BBC Arabi that his decision to use the drone was appropriate in the month of Ramzan and he wanted to do something special for celebrating this Pakistani month of Muslim. A user wrote on Twitter, “Saudi Arabia: where more rights are with the drones than women.”

Saudi is still far behind in women’s rights
The video clearly shows how much work needs to be done to give women equality in Saudi. After years of oppression, Saudi women women got the right to drive this year. Some women have got a driving license but by June 24, women can not drive. In April this year, Saudi Arabia had organized its first Arab Fashion Week. However, it was forbidden to come to men in this fashion week. Even the fashion week’s photography was also prohibited.