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Saudi Arabia again took such a big decision.

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After taking many important decisions related to women’s rights, Saudi Arabia again surprised everyone by taking a subsidiary decision. This time this decision has been taken keeping in mind the economy.
One of the countries of the Saudi Arabian country has become a country which is constantly stunned and sticking the whole world with big decisions. If you look at the reverse of the pages of the last five years, then it is clear how Saudi Arabia now wants to change its radical thinking or identity completely. During this time, Saudi Arabia has not only made extraordinary decisions about women but also has made strong decisions about improvement in its economy. The latest decision taken by Saudi Arabia is an example of this, under which new years have begun in the Gulf countries on Monday with a new system. Value-added tax (VAT) arrangements have been started in the Gulf countries, which are said to be long-term tax-free. Among the applicants, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are among the first.

Big shocks to oil customers

Saudi Arabia has given another blow to customers by increasing the gasoline prices up to 127 percent in addition to VAT on the new year. Although this increase was not announced earlier and it has come into effect only on Sunday midnight. Four Gulf countries, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar are also committed to imposing VAT but they will decide on this by next year. This is the second increase in gasoline prices in Saudi Arabia in two years. It is still one of the cheapest gasoline countries in the world. Gulf oil producing countries have taken several steps to increase their income and improve spending in the last two years. These include reducing expenditure and taxing as the decreasing prices of crude oil in the international market have negatively affected the budget of these countries.

Up to five percent sales tax

Most of the goods and services have been levied on sales tax of 5 percent. It is believed that in 2018, both governments can raise up to $ 21 billion, which will be equal to two percent of GDP. These countries are a revolutionary change for the rich countries. Dubai has organized a long annual shopping festival, which is intended to invite people from all over the world in their retail sales locations or malls. However, this decision taken by Saudi Arabia in the changing times is also a part of the series of its decisive decisions.

Saudi Arabia is changing its image

If the recent years have been talked about, then the changing image of Saudi Arabia can be seen and understood clearly. It can be understood in such a way that the women in Saudi Arabia first participated in the 2012 Olympic Games for the first time. In addition, in December 2015, Saudi Arabia gave women the right to vote for the first time. Under this, women not only got the right to vote but they also got the freedom to stand in elections themselves. In 2015, there were about five lakh registered voters in the country with a population of nearly three crore, in which only 20 percent of the women were women.

Saudi Arabia’s Historical Decision

Persistently changing Saudi Arabia once again gave big and historic decisions to women in driving rights in September 2017. Although this right has to come into effect in the next year i.e. 2018, but the move on this side does not necessarily reflect the major reforms being made in Saudi Arabia in front of the world. If there were some years ago, they would have been thrown into jail when women were asked for driving rights. Baria, who was associated with ‘women’s carriage’ campaign, had to face a 70-day prison sentence for her earlier. After this, the decision taken on yoga clearly shows the 2030 mission of Saudi Arabia.

Sports status given to Yoga

Last year, Saudi Arabia had not only slapped Yoga on the face of Muslim fundamentalists by giving status to sports but also gave locks in their mouths. Saudi Arabia has not only done commendable work by giving India the five-yr-old yoga method to sports status, but also laid the foundation for changes in the thinking of Islamic nations present in the world. Under this decision, the government will now issue licenses to Yoga teachers too. After this decision, yoga can be learned and taught anywhere. Let us also tell you that Nauf Al Maraye has been given yoga status, which has been struggling for it for a long time. It also becomes extremely special because Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam and it has been involved in politics for a long time adding yoga to a religion. Saudi Arabia was among the 18 countries that were not co-sponsors of the proposal placed on India’s behalf in the United Nations to celebrate International Yoga Day on June 21. So this decision of Saudi Arabia is important.

Vision 2030

The purpose of this mission has already been cleared by Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman completely. Other financial and social reforms can be implemented in the future to implement their Vision 2030 agenda. The manner in which Saudi Arab women are taking their decisions on their rights and changing their fundamentalist thinking is being welcomed all over the world. These steps are being appreciated from all sides. America praised them and said that it is a good step to take the country in the right direction.