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Saudi Arabia ready to behead of the first female political activist.

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is preparing to give death sentence to first woman activist after tension in relations with Canada over the demand for the release of women workers. The activist will be sent to death by behead.

The 29-year-old Israa Al Ghomgham was arrested in December 2015 with her husband, Musa al-Hashim. These two were accused of organizing anti-government demonstrations after the Arab Revolution in Eastern Qatif province.

In the same month, during the hearing in the special criminal court of Riyadh, the prosecution had demanded head pen under the Anti-Terrorism Act of Israa and 5 other accused.

Workers have now appealed against this decision, which will be decided in October. If, the death penalty is retained, it will be sent to King Salman for approval, which has usually come to stamp the death penalty.

According to the German-based European Organization for Human Rights (ESOHR), Ghomgham is a well-known worker. ESOHR director Ali Adubisi said in a statement that this decision presents a dangerous example for women workers in a deep conservative country. ESOHR is demanding immediate resignation of Ghomgham. The group says that Ghomgham has been imprisoned for the last 3 years and during this time he did not have the right to make a lawyer.

Ghoghman was arrested under the charge of the release of political prisoners and demand for abolition of the anti-Shia government’s discrimination. However, Saudi officials have not given any comment on this news right now.

Discussion on Ghomgham’s case in recent weeks has risen when reports of his death sentence on Arabic media and social media networks were shared. In a report of the United Nations, criticism was being criticized in Saudi Arabia on the action taken on women workers from May this year, under which a dozen people were taken into custody without charge.