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Saudi Arabia is giving rights to women for driving, to earn 90 billion dollars.

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Riyadh, The historic decision to give women rights to driving in Saudi Arabia has been implemented on Sunday. The decision alone alone will make Saudi Arabia a billion dollar earner. It is being told that by the year 2030 alone there is hope of earning so much as the government company is going to sell 5% of Aramaco’s share. Let us tell you that in the last year of September, King Salman ordered the removal of the ban on the driving of women after his son Mohammed bin Salman had implemented the reforms.

According to Bloomberg Economics, Saudi Arabia can earn over $ 90 billion by this decision by 2030, while Saudi Arabia will earn around $ 100 billion by selling 5 percent of Saudi Arabian oil corporation. On Sunday after the government’s decision Women looked at driving on busy roads. Women in Riyadh also saw a car with a convoy With this decision, there is no such country left in the world, where women are barred from driving.

Zeid Dawood, who lives in Dubai and worked as Chief Economist of the Middle East in Bloomberg, said on this, “The number of women employed on driving away from driving is expected to increase, this will increase the number of professionals and this Gross income will increase. ‘

Initiatives to eliminate dependence on oil
This decision of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest social reforms in the country. It is also the main part of the plan to end the dependence of the economy on their oil. David explains that if every year the percentage of women joining employment in the country is one percent, then it will add 70,000 women and women every year in the labor market. Women’s participation will contribute 0.9 percent to the economic growth rate.

Minister will speak, women will be empowered
On the other hand, the energy minister, Khalid Al-Falih, who went to Vienna to participate in the OPEC countries, said that removing a ban means that women will be more powerful. Their involvement in the job sector will increase, in this case, I feel that this decision will contribute to the increase of women’s employment in the country.

The struggle started 30 years ago
The meaning of this decision also increases because it is the result of a long struggle. Women got this right after the struggle of about 30 years. It started when 40 women from Saudi Arabia rode together in Riyadh in November 1990. This was the first public protest against the ban. These women were jailed for one day and the passport was also seized.