Santa Claus

Santa Claus: A smile will come on the face after listening to the unique story of Santa

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There is a long white beard, Santa’s hat, face mask, and sanitizer spray machine on the back. Behind taking this form of Santa Claus, every effort of Ashok of Mumbai is to bring happiness to the faces of needy people! How this journey of his started, let’s know-

Story of Santa Claus

This story is about a man who has been helping people by becoming Santa Claus for the last several years. Along with making people aware of the corona epidemic, this person is also running a cleanliness campaign. The name of this secret Santa is Ashok Kurmi, who is working in a pharmaceutical company. They are also running cleanliness campaigns.

Where did the inspiration come from
Ashok says, “In 2014, I saw a video where some doctors were playing Santa and entertaining cancer patients. I was so impressed by it that I decided to do the same. Distributed toys and sweets to poor children in the form of Santa. Slowly it became a routine for me. To buy gifts, I start saving at the beginning of every year. With the money saved, I buy essentials like soaps blankets, pack them in gift boxes, and distribute them among needy people.

Doing social service as a Santa, Ashok encourages the patients in the cancer ward and tries to bring laughter to the children’s faces living on the streets. Even during the Kovid epidemic, with the help of the local police, he also became a part of the task force to sanitize buses, autos, etc., and distribute masks and sanitizers to the people. For all these efforts, the police decided to honor him with ‘Excellent Social Service.’

Although he is not doing this to get someone’s ‘thank you,’ he wants to spread happiness on the faces of the people. He wants everyone to help bring joy to the world in their own little way. He says, ‘When I give a gift to a stranger, the smile that comes on his face gives me happiness’.