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Sanjay Mishra 56th Birthday: If director Rohit Shetty had not been there, Sanjay Mishra would have been working in Dhaba, the story is interesting

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Bollywood actor Sanjay Mishra has achieved tremendous popularity on the basis of his acting skills. He is known for his excellent comic timing. Apart from comedy, he has surprised fans with his different characters. Today i.e. on October 6, Sanjay Mishra is celebrating his birthday. On this special occasion, let’s take look at some interesting stories related to Sanjay’s life.

There was a time when Sanjay Mishra left acting and started cooking in Dhaba. Actually, there is a story behind it too. Sanjay broke up after his father’s demise. He was very close to his father and after his passing, he left the acting world and started working in a Dhaba in Rishikesh.

Sanjay Mishra would have spent his entire life working on that Dhaba only if director Rohit Shetty had not been there. Rohit Shetty and Sanjay Mishra worked together in the film Golmaal. He was working on his next film All the Best. At the same time, he got the idea of ​​Sanjay Mishra for a role. It is said that Sanjay Mishra was not ready to return to the acting world but Rohit Shetty convinced him. After that, he won everyone’s heart again with his brilliant acting and characters he played.

After this, Sanjay Mishra acted in the film All the Best, in which his performance was highly appreciated. After this, Sanjay Mishra never looked back. Sanjay, who often plays comedy, has surprised fans with his character in films like ‘Kadvi Hawa’ and ‘Anarkali of Aara’.

His Journey to the Film Industry
The best actor Sanjay Mishra was born in Darbhanga, Bihar. His father Shambhunath Mishra is a journalist by profession. His grandfather was the District Magistrate. When he was nine years old, his family shifted to Varanasi. He is also known as the best comedian actor in the industry.

When the actor was at a successful stage in his career, then suddenly his health started deteriorating. Because of which he went back home to his father. During this time his father took great care of him. Due to illness, the actor made a distance from the industry for a long time. After some time, when he was completely cured of the disease, his father died suddenly.

Sanjay Mishra was completely shattered by the death of his father. He did not understand what game life is playing with him. He was so disheartened in his life that he made his mind to leave the film industry and started working on a Dhaba in Rishikesh. Sanjay used to wash dishes and serve food to people at the Dhaba. Everyone who visits the hotel recognizes them and clicks a photo with them.

He was completely lost from the industry but says that no one can erase anything written in luck. Director Rohit Shetty’s entry in Sanjay’s bad times was exactly like a hero. Because of which today we are able to see the actor once again on the big screen. Actually, Rohit Shetty of Hua Kuch Yun was working on the cast of his film ‘all the best’. For which Sanjay’s name was from Shurhuwat in Rohit’s mind, because Rohit was quite impressed with his comedy in his debut film ‘Golmaal’.

This was the reason he wanted to work with them again. Just how or how did Rohit find Sanjay and offered him a new film. Sanjay’s entire career changed in the film ‘All D Best’. His comedy in the movie once again won everyone’s heart and after this Sanjay too left behind the dark pages of life and started writing beautiful pages of life. Recently his film ‘Bahu Hua Samman’ was released. Which is getting a lot of love from the directors.