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Samsung is constantly trying to increase its online market share in India, offering benefits of up to 20 thousand rupees…

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Samsung has brought new offers to further strengthen its position in India’s online market. In this, users will get benefits of up to 20 thousand rupees on Samsung Referral Program, Samsung Student Program, and Samsung Shop. Through these offers, the company is planning to entice more users to shop from its online store. The company wants to make 10 percent of its business online.

Samsung Referral Program – Up to 8%
This program is for customers who are already using Samsung devices. Under this offer, Samsung device users will have to refer products to any other customers. With this, they will get up to an 8 percent discount on shopping from Samsung’s online store. This offer is valid on 15 products such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

The benefit of 20 thousand rupees on the Samsung shop
Samsung is offering benefits of up to 20 thousand rupees on its app. This offer will start from the month of August. Under this offer, users will be able to unlock 10 shopping vouchers. In these 10 vouchers, users will get a shopping value of Rs 20,000. For this, you will have to register with your contact details on the Samsung Shop app. The vouchers available under this offer are different for each category. This includes products such as smartphones, television, washing machines, refrigerators, microwaves, tablets, smartwatches, wireless audio. These vouchers are valid for 365 days.

Samsung is trying to increase its online shopping market share in India. The company wants to invest 10% of its business in the online segment. For this, the company is constantly trying to add more and more users through new offers. This offer is also part of the company’s strategy.