Samsung claimed hackers breached its internal company data


On Monday, Samsung said that hackers infiltrated its internal business data, obtaining access to some source codes of Galaxy-branded products such as smartphones.

The South Korean electronics conglomerate’s announcement comes after hacker group Lapsus$ claimed over the weekend on its Telegram channel that it had obtained 190 gigabytes of secret Samsung source code.

“There was a security compromise involving specific internal corporate data,” according to Samsung. “Based on our first findings, the hack contains some source code related to the functioning of Galaxy devices but does not include any personal information about our customers or staff.” We do not anticipate any impact on our business or customers at this time. We have put in place safeguards to prevent similar situations in the future, and we will continue to service our clients without interruption.”

Late Friday, the LAPSUS$ hackers released a 190GB torrent file to their Telegram channel, saying it included proprietary Samsung source code that exposed the company’s device security measures. Algorithms for Samsung smartphone biometric authentication and bootloader source code to circumvent various operating system protections were among the things revealed.

The Galaxy brand refers to Samsung’s consumer products such as smartphones and tablets. The corporation stated that it does not expect any impact on its operations or consumers. Lapsus$ is the same gang that claimed blame for Nvidia’s data leak last month.