Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Samantha Ruth Prabhu says she discovered her stronger self during separation from Naga Chaitanya

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In The Family Man 2 on Amazon Prime, Samantha Ruth Prabhu garnered national acclaim for her portrayal. While it was easy for her, she went through many hardships and struggled to trust that people truly cared about her. During her divorce from her husband Naga Chaitanya, the actor revealed how strong she had become as a person in her most recent interview.

“I was astonished at how much power I had. A lot of the time, I felt like an outcast. After my divorce, I was afraid I’d collapse and die. I didn’t think I could be this strong. Samantha told Filmfare, “Today, I’m pretty proud of how strong I am since I honestly didn’t realize I was.

Earlier this year, Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Naga Chaitanya revealed ending their relationship. For the past four years, they had been married. They posted similar messages on their social media accounts announcing their breakup.

“To all of our well-wishers,” it began. Chay and I have decided to separate as a married couple and pursue separate lives. We are lucky to have a friendship that has lasted more than a decade, and we believe it will always be a particular part of our relationship. We ask for your patience and understanding as we work through this terrible time with our friends, family, and colleagues, as well as the media. “I appreciate your help.”

According to Samantha Ruth Prabhu, her rapid popularity took a toll on her. She was “destroyed” from within, contrary to the widespread perception that performers feel like million bucks when they receive positive attention from the audience.

With her debut picture, she noted, “I came from poor beginnings and found success right away. But from a normal perspective, you’d think, “Wow, this girl just made it, she just got the lottery, and she should be so pleased,” and she should be. However, it wasn’t that simple. ‘Why did this happen to me?’ I’m not to blame for this. There are no other girls who look like me. In addition, the realization that I wasn’t good enough for the affection I was receiving from the public and the significant assignments that I was getting was devastating to me.

However, the actor no longer fights these emotions and instead refers to herself as the “same girl” she was when she first entered the film industry.