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S-400 missile system: Russia will start delivery from 2020.

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India will start delivering from October 2020, under the Deal of the S-400 missile defense system that took place with Russia. India has dealt with Russia with 5 S-400 missile defense systems. They will be delivered from Russia from October 2020 to April 2023. “The S-400 missile system will give India the strength of air security in sensitive areas,” Defense Minister of State Subhash Bhamre said in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday.

On October 5 last year, India had signed a deal worth Rs 40,000 crore for S-400 missile defense systems with Russia. India had also dealt with Russia with the threat of the American, in which it had said a ban on Russia’s dealing countries. Subhash Bhamre said in Parliament that the government has made this deal only after keeping all things in mind.

Bhamre said, keeping in view the security challenges, the government has taken this decision with complete sovereignty. In order to keep the security forces in the position of dealing with any security challenge from time to time, the deal is important. Through the S-400 missile systems, India will trace the attacks of bombers, jets, spy planes, missiles and drones from 380 kms and will be able to destroy them.

India has decided to put the system closer to the border of China and Pakistan besides the important cities like Delhi apart from Delhi.