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Russian weightlifter Alexander Sedykh tried to do a squad with 400 kg, he failed, both knees were broken! See Video…

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Brave Heart is required to watch this video! Because when Russian weightlifter Alexander Sedykh tried to squad with 400 kg, he failed, the result was quite terrible. He has fractured both his knees. According to the report, Alexander arrived this week to participate in ‘The World Raw Power Lifting Federation European Championship’ held in Moscow, Russia, where he was squared with 400 kg during the competition.

The video was shared by YouTube channel ‘Иван Славинский’ on August 12, which has received more than 260 thousand views and 210 likes till the time of writing the news.

Alexander can be seen coming on stage for weightlifting. He carries a bar filled with 400 kg plates on his shoulder. Then slowly move downwards. During this time the rod holds 4 people so that no untoward happens. But Achanak is the only one who gets buried under the weight of 400 kg Alexander.

He was rushed to the hospital immediately after the accident. He underwent surgery for 6 hours. But when will Alexander be able to make a comeback in this game. At the moment nothing can be said about this. Many people reacted to this matter. Some said it was scary, some wrote that it is hoped that he will recover soon.