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Russia rejects U.S. sanctions, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov told to American Pompeo.

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Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday that he clearly rejects the ban imposed on Russia’s alleged role in the scriprel case. In a conversation with the US Secretary of State, Loverov made Russia’s stand clear. Lavrov said that Russia has no hand on the former Russian spy Sergey Scrip to attack the alleged nervous agent in the British city of Salisbury.

Lavrov insists that the United States, Britain or any other country has not given any evidence to support their allegations. Scripple and his daughter, Yulia, were attacked by deadly toxic substance in Salisbury in March. The US State Department had said on Wednesday that the US would impose new sanctions on Russia on the charge of attack. Western countries have accused Russia for this, but Russia has consistently denied the allegations.

Russian spokesman Dmitry Pescov has criticized the US decision, while Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Jakhrova said that he will consider responding to Moscow sanctions. Lavrov and Pompeo discussed international issues including situation in Syria and other issues which were considered during the meeting between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on July 16. The statement said that both the top diplomats agreed to maintain contact on all issues of mutual interest and it was said that the initiative to negotiate on the phone was done by the US.