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Russia is making a devastating bomb, the world can be destroyed in an instant.

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Russia has designed the world’s largest bomb amidst the Coronavirus catastrophe. This largest bomb, capable of bringing doom to the world, can be destroyed by running it remotely. It is believed that in the future, if there is a war between Russia and Western countries, Russia can use it as the ultimate weapon. The nuclear-powered skif missile is designed to be used as the ultimate weapon.

Using a synthetic radioactive element cobalt-60, the bomb on the Skif missile can wreak havoc on large parts of the sea and its shores. This missile can hit up to 6,000 km away. Able to hit its base of 60 mph. Its purpose is to send a message to the world that no one can defeat Russia. If released, this largest bomb can destroy ships around the British Isles or American coasts and dissolve poison in water for many years.

The bomb is so large that it requires a special ship to land in the sea and it can cause catastrophic and long-term damage. Not only this, 25 meters long and weighing 100 tons, but this largest bomb can also remain lying for 3,000 years below the sea surface for many years. It can be used when needed. In February, experts saw a big thing in the sea of ​​Russia. At first, they thought it was an improved version of Russia’s tsunami maker Poseidon drone, but now it is believed that it was a skif missile. The first glimpse of Poseidon was seen in 2015. It is a nuclear drone that can bring a tsunami to a coastal city. But experts believe that what was seen in Russia this year was actually a skif.

During the sea trials, it was placed on the Russian ship Akademik Aleksandrov. The ship was secretly assigned to the Russian navy at the Arctic port Severomorsk on 12 April. It has been assigned to the Navy’s secret unit number 40056. This unit is known for deep water research. The ship is believed to be the launchpad to drop this bomb. As the ultimate weapon in warfare, it can be used to target ports on both sides of the Atlantic and can be deployed around Greenland-Iceland-UK and the North Sea.

Russia has developed a number of maritime weapons to target Western countries and skif is the newest weapon among them. Paul Schult, who was director of arms control at the UK Ministry of Defense, said the skif seems to be a weapon of doom intended to convey the message that Russia can never be defeated. This poses a major strategic challenge for the West. Recently a warship from Russia had come into the English Channel, due to which the Royal Navy of Britain had to put a ship behind it. It was revealed on Thursday.