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Russia has strengthened the military base to assert Arctic rights.

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Russia has deployed missile launchers and air defense systems at the Arctic military base so that they can demonstrate their strength on this polar region rich in resources. This military base named Severny Cleaver is painted with white, blue and red colors, which are the colors of Russia’s national flag. The base has been built in such a manner that the soldiers could reach all the centers without the smoke on roads, because here in the winter sometimes the temperature goes below minus 50 degrees Celsius.

In this military base, 250 soldiers remain permanently stationed for maintenance of air and sea surveillance facilities and anti-ship missiles. The military commander, Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Pashchennik said, ‘Our work is to monitor the air and the North Sea route. We have all the facilities and we are living comfortably. ‘ Russia is not the only country, which is trying to establish its right over parts of the Arctic. Melt in this area, the ice has opened the way for opportunities to explore resources and create new sea routes.