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Russia can interfere in the upcoming elections of America: CIA Director

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Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director Mike Pompeo said in an interview that the intervention in Russia’s elections has not ended and Moscow can interfere in the US mid-term elections in 2018. Mike Pompeo said in an interview in Russia, “I have not seen any significant reduction in their activities.”

He said, ‘I have full fears that they will continue to do so and will do so … but I am confident that the US will be able to make free and fair elections. We will do our best to oppose the elections. ”

America’s top intelligence agency had accused in the year 2016 that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin had made extensive intelligence efforts to weaken Hillary Clinton’s election campaign and increase the chances of Donald Trump’s victory in Presidential elections that year. Nonetheless, Trump has consistently rejected these allegations. All the 435 members and 33 senators from the House of Representatives will participate in the elections in mid-year 2018.