Rukmini Devi Temple

Rukmini Devi Temple of India is 2500 years old!

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The symbol of love and purity, Rukmini Devi is the first wife of Lord Krishna, followed by Jambavati and Satyabhama. Although she was his first wife, she is always attached to Radha. Hence, there are many Radha Krishna temples in India. There is only one Rukmini Devi temple in Dwarka.

Where is Rukmini Devi Temple?
The temple is located outside Dwarka city limits and is about 2 km from Dwarkadhish Temple. It is next to a small water body, around which many birds can be heard chirping, which makes the place peaceful. It was probably a forest when this temple was built.

How is the temple?
The temple has a shikhara with exquisite and old carvings. There is also a structure of beautiful women on a panel on the summit. The place has some images of Vishnu, and the base is an inverted lotus followed by a row of elephant structures. This distinctive Nagara style architectural temple also has a saffron flag on the spire.

Rukmini and Radha
Rukmini is an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, and similarly, Radha is also an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. Also, the two have never been seen together. Therefore, many believe that both are one and the same. This may also be possible considering their similar age and devotion to Lord Krishna.