RSS wants that narendra modi should focus for the development rural India

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RSS has decided to look at the village, not to dream of bullet train or to build a temple of Rama, Narendra Modi. According to many, the Sangh also conveyed this message back to grassroots level that they are not happy about the work of the Modi government.

In a statement on Saturday, after the three-day meeting of the All India Working Committee on the highest level of policy decision of the Bhopal union in Madhya Pradesh, it is said that the priority of the farmers is to bring back the situation. Suresh Bhaiji Joshi said that the government will have to develop their favorable policies by understanding the problems of the farmers. The farmers suffer from various problems. Sangha thinks there is a lot more work to do to make the farmers self-reliant. ”

With the explanation of why Sanggh is turning towards the village, Bhaiyaji said, “60% of the people in this country still live in the village. The village and its livelihood are still the main elements of India. So all things have to be removed and returned to the village.

Besides, in relation to the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya, Bhaijir said, “Before all the barriers should be overcome. Later Ram temple will be there. The government should work to remove any obstacles. There is preparation. The temple will be destroyed if the barrier is over. “In the last paragraph, a section of the BJP said that Ram temple was to be built within the next few and a half years.

RSS has decided that they will go for the betterment of rural life, cultivation and cultivation of farmers. Sangh’s staff will be campaigning in the village villages to encourage farmers to use biological fertilizers. Bhaiyaji said, “If the farmers get the fair value of the crops, then the government will have to change the policy.”

Sikar in Rajasthan, Madasaur in Madhya Pradesh or Tamilnadu in Madhya Pradesh has been protesting for the fair price of the crop. The movement that demanded increase in soybean, rains and wheat prices in Madhya Pradesh also included the Kishan Sangha Sanghatana, a peasant organization of the Sangha. Five farmers died in police firing in the movement. At this time the Sangh stood in the middle of the Madhya Pradesh, they will fight for the farmers. The more clear policy related to this will be announced in March.

Concerned about the conservation, the Sangh leader said, save as soon as the encoder started the preservation with the intention, that is to be saved.