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Rowan Atkinson disclosed a big news

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Talking about the world’s best comedians and if Rowan Atkinson’s name is not mentioned, it would be wrong. Perhaps you do not recognize this veteran artist by his real name. Rowan Atkinson has been playing the role of the famous comedy character Mr. Bean. Today is Rowan Atkinson’s birthday. You will find his fans in every country. Everyone, from children to elders, has been a fan of Mr. Bean. But now Rowan Atkinson has broken the heart of his loved ones by making a big disclosure.

In a recent interview, Rowan Atkinson has said that he will no longer play the role of Mr. Bean. He will only give voice in its animated series. Rowan said that the responsibility with which Mr. Bean’s character has to play is very heavy. He said that now he does not enjoy playing this character, so he is going to keep distance from Mr. Bean.

Mr. Bean’s character was first shown on TV in 1990. Since then, it has become so famous that its series also started being copied. It became so famous that a film was also made on Mr. Bean. Rowan said in the interview that playing Mr. Bean’s character is very stressful. According to him, Mr. Bean has become such an old character that it should be finished.

Let us tell you that Mr. Bean series has aired in more than 100 countries in the world. Rowan Atkinson has also received several awards for the character Mr. Bean.