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Rohingyas terrorists had taken women by killing Hindu men.

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Millions of Rohingya Muslims have been forced to flee from Myanmar and take shelter in many neighboring countries including Bangladesh, India. However, a black chapter is also associated with them. Actually, some terrorists of this community had massacred Hindus some time ago. According to the report of Amnesty International, the terrorists used to rape a large number of women as well as to commit murder, to burn villages, torture them.

According to the report of Amnesty International, many Hindu women fleeing the lives told that on August 25, 2017 at around 8 am, groups of Rohingya militants (Arakan Rohingya Solvation Army, ARSA) attacked Hindus’ houses in Ah Naok Khan village. . Some terrorists were in black dress and were wearing some common clothes. The militants at the time lifted the 69 Hindu men, women and children present in the village. After a few hours he killed most men and took the women with them.

Black clothes were terrorists
22-year-old Bina Bala tells that she was one of the eight women who had been kidnapped and taken to Bangladesh. They said, ‘It was morning time and I was worshiping at that time. They got into our house. Some of them were in black clothes. I recognized them … they were from our village. ‘

Bina tells that those people seized our mobile phones and made us stand outside, where even more Hindus were brought up. He told Amnesty International, “They had sharp weapons and iron rods. They tied our hands behind the back and tied the blindfold on their eyes. I asked them what they are doing. One of them said that you belong to another religion, you can not live here. They beat us and ultimately we have to give them our jewelry and money. ‘

No chance to escape
On the same day, 46 men, women and children disappeared in the Bok Kair, the second village of Hindus. They did not know anything. At the time of the attack, 24-year-old Rika Dhar was also at home. They told Amnesty, “We did not get any chance to escape. Rohingya Muslims took our jewels … our eyes were blinded and the hands were also tied. Like other villagers, Rica was also recognizing the attackers.

Killed men, took women into the woods
Hindus were taken out of the militant village and their ID cards were burnt first, which they had already snatched. The terrorists separated Hindu men from women and children. After this, they went to the forest with women. During this, 53 Hindus were killed. They had 20 men, 10 women and 23 children, 14 of them were under 8 years of age.

Survived on the point of confession of Islam
Only 16 people (8 women and 8 children) could survive because they agreed to accept Islam and after that they had to marry Rohiniya militants. 20-year-old Fermila told Amnesty, “The Muslims brought their sword in their hands. Swords were bloody. They told us that our husbands were killed by those people. ‘

18-year-old Raj Kumari said, ‘They killed men. We were told not to look at them … we had hidden in the bushes. My uncle, my father, my brother killed all those people He killed many women after killing men. ‘

“I saw that some people were holding the head and hair of a woman, while others cut her throat with the rubbish,” says Fermila. It is feared that terrorists along with Rohingya Muslims can take shelter in other countries. Amnesty International has given detailed information about this in its report, how Rohingya terrorists did massacre of Hindus in Myanmar’s Rahein province. The terrorists had killed at least 99 Hindus.

False statements were also received
For the arrival of Bangladesh on August 28, 8 Hindu women were forcibly received fake video statements. The abductors told them that if anyone asks, the local people and the army of the Maintaine attacked us. Bina Bala explains, ‘He had said that if someone asks, then this is to say or else he will be killed.’ Shortly after, these videos were posted on Facebook. After this, the people of the Hindu community of northern Harenin province asked Bangladesh to find women from their friends in Bangladesh. The Hindu refugees were kept separate and the security forces of Bangladesh secured their protection. Later, in October, 16 women were sent back to Myanmar.