Robert Downey

Robert Downey used to wash utensils in jail, now charges 500 crores for every film

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Robert John Downey Jr., whom you know more by the name of Hollywood films Ironman or Tony Stark, due to his supercool personality and excellent acting, there is no shortage of his fans worldwide. Since Ironman, every movie of his has become a blockbuster. He has shown his acting prowess in Avengers, Captain America Civil War, Sherlock Holmes, and many more.

Today Robert is known all over the world as ‘Iron Man. Today he earns $50 million for a 50-minute role. But you will be surprised to know that your favorite actor has eaten the air of jail where he was given 6 rupees for washing utensils, which let us know about the exciting stories related to the life of Robert John Downey Jr.

Robert Downey used to take drugs from the age of 6

Robert started acting at the age of just 5. But at the age of 6, his father made him consume marijuana, which is detrimental to his health. When he was eight years old, he, too, was addicted to drugs. At the age of 16, he left his studies and started his career in acting. But due to drug addiction, he started living in controversies.

He had to go to jail
Robert was often intoxicated because of drugs. He was jailed for one year for taking drugs. After going to jail, other prisoners used to beat him. This was the most challenging period of Robert’s life. Every day there was very difficult for him. Despite being a star, he was treated like a prisoner.

Used to wash utensils
After Robert went to prison, he also had to do prison work. His duty was engaged in washing utensils. He used to wash the utensils of all the prisoners, he was given 6 rupees for washing dishes for an hour.

Divorced from the first wife

After coming out of prison, Robert’s first wife divorced him. But after a few years, Susan Levin came into his life. Both got married in 2005. Susan made a condition to Robert that if they wanted to live together, they would have to give up drugs. After which, Robert said goodbye to drugs forever.

Iron Man changed the fate
The most significant success of Robert’s life came from the film Iron Man. After this film, he got a chance to work in Avengers, Captain America Civil War, Sherlock Holmes. Today Robert is known all over the world as ‘Iron Man.’