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River Water: Only one tablet will make river water clean and safe to drink

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97.5 percent of the world’s water is salty and of the remaining 2.5 percent, less than one percent is potable. In addition, clean drinking water is not available to a third of the world’s population. In almost every major city of the world, water is cleaned and made suitable for drinking. The work of providing clean potable water is also very expensive. To solve this problem, scientists have created a hydrogel pill that will make one liter of contaminated river water drinkable in a very short time.

Solving this problem is a big priority
The reality is that a large section is forced to drink bad water (which is not saline). The problem of drinking water will become so severe that it is estimated that by the year 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in areas where it will be very difficult to get clean. Solving this problem has become a big priority for the scientists and engineers of the world

Given this, scientists and engineers from the University of Texas at Austin, USA, have created a hydrogel tablet to rapidly purify contaminated water. Scientists also claim that a single tablet of it can sterilize contaminated water and makes it drinkable for less than an hour.

Technology can make a big difference

The research, published in the journal Advanced Materials, was studied by associate professor Guihua Yu and his team at the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Cockerell School of Engineering and the Texas Materials Institute. They say their multifunctional hydrogen could make a big difference in mitigating the global water scarcity problem.

More efficient technology
Boiling or pasteurizing water is considered the best way to purify it today, but researchers believe their technique is simple, very effective, and can be scale-up, which could prove to be a gamechanger.

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How does the pill work to clean river water?

The water purification techniques that are used today take a lot of energy, effort, and time. This is not practical for people where the resources and processes are not available for this kind of work. This special hydrogel produces hydrogen peroxide, which has 99.999 percent effectiveness in killing bacteria.

What are its benefits?
Hydrogen peroxide along with activated carbon particles attack essential cell components of bacteria and impair their metabolism. This process does not require any energy and does not produce any harmful by-products. The hydro water can be easily removed and does not leave any residue in river water.

Apart from this, the hydrogel can also improve the solar distillation process. Often there is a complaint of accumulation of micro-organisms in the equipment of this process. The hydrogel can prevent this. Now the team is working on making the hydrogel effective against different types of germs and viruses. Along with this, it is being made fit for production on a commercial scale.