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Risk of the second wave of corona in China, the epidemic may increase again.

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The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a warning through research on the coronavirus in China. Which states that China may have to face the second wave of this global epidemic. The director of the center, Gu Fu, said that the people of China are still at risk regarding the coronavirus as cases are increasing rapidly in the whole world including China. He said that cases of Covid-19 in China may increase in the coming days.

Effective measures stopped Corona’s speed in China
According to the research ‘Fighting Covid-19: China in Action’ published in The Lancet on June 6, China’s strategy for the prevention of coronavirus has been traveling. If effective measures were not taken to prevent this epidemic, the number of coronavirus patients in China would have been 67 times higher. China had taken several decisions in the early days of the transition, such as investigating suspected cases, contract tracing, preventing movement of people.

Matters may increase again in winter
In this research, China has been warned of the second wave of coronavirus. Research urges the Chinese government not to cease effective action against the coronavirus. China’s famous respiratory specialist Wang Chen also said at a seminar on Tuesday that the virus would not disappear. The pace of the epidemic has decreased in summer but it will increase rapidly again in winter.

A clinical trial of 4 vaccines released in China
Research says that if the condition of the coronavirus epidemic continues to worsen and its scale resembles that of the 1918 H1N1 influenza pandemic, it could kill 50 million people. Research has written that China’s goal is to stop the transmission of the corona and develop an effective vaccine. Explain that three vaccines and one adenovirus vaccine have been approved for clinical trials in China so far.