Rishabh Singh, the co-organizer of TEDx Juhu on entrepreneurship

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“Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It’s a practice.” – Peter Drucker

An entrepreneur is someone who has a vision for something and wants to create. He is always in search of a change, in search of something new, something different. A true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer. One such entrepreneur was recently interviewed by Feedbyme.

Rishabh Singh was a co-organizer for TEDx Juhu and also a Harvard delegate. Recently, the young entrepreneur started his own talk show where he invites influencers for a question and answers session on a chosen topic which would be relevant to the audience.

Rishabh is very direct, the more engaged he became in a topic, the more informative and insightful his discussion became. Rishabh is exceptionally bright and hardworking too, comes across like a motivational leader, and seems poised to accomplish what he sets out to do. What follows are the details of our conversation in support of my claims in this paragraph.

Rishabh is a pioneer who loves exploring and networking. He was a co-organizer for TEDx Juhu and Harvard delegate. He’s inclined towards the social initiative and often works with NGOs to do volunteering fundraising. He’s currently pursuing BE in the field of Electronics from the University of Mumbai. He also told Feedbyme that since his passion revolves around building brands and strategizing the business, he is also doing Brand Management from the University of London.

Rishabh is associated with multiple startups and did his internship in the role of business development and marketing. His application for an international youth leadership conference in Dubai and Malaysia 2020 got selected. He has recently started his own talk show, as said earlier.

The talk show is a very interactive session between the influencer and the audience. It takes place on Instagram, using the live feature. The talk show is divided into three segments. The first is Introduction – here the influencers introduce themselves so that the audience can know them better. The second is Personal Journey – here the influencers talk about their personal journey from the very beginning of their career. The third is a Rapid Fire round – here the audience can ask the influencers questions or vice versa.

The main motive of this talk show is to inspire more people. It is to set an example for the new generation. The topic chosen is relevant to current times. The most talked-about topic is career transition. The talk show consists of 60% – 70% of the young generation, i.e, teenagers, and young adults. The rest are 40+ aged influencers who have experience and want to help more people.

Also, Rishabh shared with Feedbyme about his journey. At first, he was studying engineering due to parental pressure. He went on to check for technical internships but he couldn’t. That’s when he learned that that’s not what he wants to do. He took up a social interaction initiative, like a bake sale. He took up many courses and marketing internships. He later started working with NGOs. He volunteered for many programs. He took many interviews too.

When Feedbyme’s executive asked about the challenges faced by him, Rishabh said that he didn’t face any challenges to start the talk show, it was just a bold move. However, since the influencers were middle-aged and not active on Instagram, it was a task to convince them to be a part of the live streaming. The influencers loved the talk show and hence it became successful.

When given a choice for choosing a ‘Business Mantra’, Rishabh chose emotions over money. He said it has always been about emotions only. He told Feedbyme that he took up many social initiatives to get what he truly desired. He followed his passion. He said his main motive was to inspire.

Rishabh shares about how he manages stress and handles pressure. He said he’s an extrovert. He’s very outgoing and vocal so he communicates with people. He never fails to express his emotions. He is a sports enthusiast. He used to play sports daily, mainly football and chess. He said that his family and friends supported him and that’s how he managed everything.

According to Rishabh, the keys to success are 1) Follow your passion. 2) Contribute to society, help others, don’t be selfish, try, and bring value to other’s lives. 3) Do something to inspire people.

Rishabh doesn’t consider himself wise enough to give advice. According to him, books are the best mentor so keep reading. There are many biographies on various successful people. Or better instead you can approach a mentor, try talking to them, ask them to guide you, convince them to help you out.

This young man inspired and impressed Feedbyme gently. The interview was remarkable. It felt like Feedbyme was talking to an adult, really mature, who knows what he wants. Feedbyme team hopes he keeps up with good social work and continues to inspire the new generation.