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RIP RESOURCES: Survivors in the world still under acknowledge.

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We all know that SARS-COV19 / COVID-19 is terrorizing the whole world as the Nobel virus doesn’t have an enemy to fight with. Thousands of people have been infected and millions are facing the side effects of it. Humans are not the only resource that has been affected by this plague. Here is the list of resources that sacrificed themselves to fight this pandemic.

Perishable Resources — As we all know that emergency has been declared and extended due to the rapid spread of the virus, which means all public areas except the general store, pharmacy, and liquor store (soon to be open due to increase illicit sales) has been closed for security reasons. Less we know that other than medicine and basic food items there are a lot of other products which fall under the category of perishable goods, and soon will be considered as waste because of the itty- bitty shelf life (less than 2 weeks). Products like hand made delicate and raw material of the commercial sector are fall under the category.

Flora and Fauna — Before china introduced us from the diseased bat, the ecological imbalance was one of the major concerns worldwide. To maintain the balance lots of plant and animal habitats were build, but what happen to them now? Places like nearby public parks and gardens, zoo, wildlife sanctuary, aquarium, pet shops, and industrial plant grounds are overlooked to protect the human race. Due to the lack of food resources and services, they might forfeit the fight against death.

Not all the resources have been overlooked, the major resource of the planet is the human resource, which was trying to keep safe from the new generation virus. The initiative has been taken to provide basic utility like food, shelter, and medication. But as humans are we actually helping the society right?

“ Right ideas need the right implementation to change the society” (said by a philosopher)
Think right, implement right, and we can all change the way society looks right now!