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Right to hold passport for banks instead of loan: HC

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In view of the rising cases of fleeing and leaving the country, the Madras High Court has suggested to the central government to deposit the passports of the borrowers. The High Court, while hearing a case, said that the Central Government should make necessary amendments in the passport rules so that banks and financial institutions can get this strength so that they can deposit the passports of the loan takers. By doing this, the loan defaulters can be stopped by the country.

Justice S. Vaidyanathan said, “It is suggested that increase in the strength of financial institutions to stop the defaulters going to other countries. By doing so, they will be able to surrender the passport of the loan holder and without the knowledge of the institution, they will not be able to go out of the country. It should also be ensured that the passport should not be handed over until the loan is filled, and the passport should be canceled temporarily in the event of non-completion.

Not only this, the judge said that the approval of banks should also be made necessary for renewing the passport. The court, while hearing a petition demanding an order from a suspended Anganwadi worker to reconsolate the authorities, said this.

During the hearing of this case, the prosecutor told the court that the service was suspended for the Anganwadi workers as the team was not present in Anganwadi when it was for inspection. Not only this, the food for children was in the cow’s shed.

During the hearing of the case, it was also revealed that Anganwadi workers went to Singapore on their relative’s passport without giving information. On this, the court accused the woman of deliberately avoiding duty and misguiding the court.