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Review on Netflix’s special ‘Yours Sincerely’ by Kanan Gill.

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Our favorite online streaming service, Netflix, in its endeavors to add comedy specials to its catalog ropes in Indian stand-up comic, Kanan Gill.
After touring the world and missing the comedy scene for almost a year, Kanan is finally back with his Netflix stand-up special, Yours Sincerely. “In India, we don’t do small talk. We only do big talk” – is how Kanan Gill begins his Netflix special.

The comedian starts with how ‘silent’ or isolated airports in our country are like big jokes and how the concept of small talk is almost nonexistent in India, unlike other countries. He talks about how desi aunties ask you for your yearly salary the minute they see you. As he jumps to the next set where he explains the concept of ‘timepass’ in India, which is completely different from a pastime, he begins lacing his jokes with elements that call back later in the show- something which can be called his forte.

At its heart, the show is about what drives us, says the hilarious Bengaluru based stand-up comic. “I wanted to talk about how it feels looking back on what used to be important to us. I think a lot of us laugh at the dreams we used to have, but are still completely serious about our current dreams. I think that’s very funny,” he says.

Nostalgia has played a part in Kanan’s rise to fame. The show oscillates between memories from his childhood to his adulthood, i.e, his present; from the time he rang up a crush with his newly cracked masculine voice to making uncomfortable visits to the doctor, nostalgia seems to be running theme throughout.

His set was super relatable. He was so natural and candid, it felt like a friend telling you a funny story, complete with exaggerated movements and hilarious expressions. That’s the thing I love about Kanan – he makes everything so personal and fun but straightforward, it’s really hard not to like him intensely and want to listen to more of his jokes.

Gill ended his amazing set by playing two songs by his ‘band’ – yes, this guy can sing too! – which were absurdly funny and a perfect way to round off a great show.

In conclusion, I absolutely loved the show. If you’re looking for a light-hearted funny start to the day, this one’s a must-watch!