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Respect for Sri Lanka’s national security, but also support the freedom of expression: America

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Washington, The United States has said that it respects Sri Lanka’s national security, but at the same time, it also ensures the independence of its citizens. The situation worsened by the riot of candy in Indian Ocean island country. Many houses, business establishments and mosques were damaged in the ongoing violence for three days. After this the government imposed an Emergency.

This violence was triggered last week after the death of a man of Buddhist Sinhalese majority last week. To curb communal violence, the Sri Sena government has imposed emergency on President Maitripala. Candy was also banned on the Internet. There is a ban on all social media websites including Facebook.

The US State Department spokesman said, “We respect the national security of Sri Lanka, as well as the United States supports uninterrupted, dependable and secure internet services, where the rights of all people like the freedom of expression are also protected.”

Responding to the question of imposing emergency in Sri Lanka and obstructing access to social media, the spokesperson said, “America respected freedom of expression and access to information as a vital component of democratic good governance.” On the other hand, in view of the latest violence On Thursday, the President snatched the law and order ministry from Prime Minister Ranil Vikramasinghe. Senior member of Vikramasinghe’s party, Ranjit Madduma Bandara has taken charge as new law and order minister.