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Renuka Shahane thanks Akshay Kumar ‘superstar with heart of gold) who helped actor Nupur Alankar who was facing financial crisis.

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Last week, Renuka Shahane had written about Nupur’s plight in a social media post. “A very dear actress friend of mine, Nupur Alankar has been facing a lot of financial problems due to all her money, unfortunately, being stuck in the PMC bank which crashed leaving their customers in the lurch,” she’d written, adding that Nupur also has an ailing mother to take care of.

Bollywood Superstar Akshay Kumar came to their rescue and helped them financially. Renuka Shahane took to Twitter to thank the actor. Renuka expressed her gratitude in a series of posts.

“What can I say about the kindness of all who’ve helped my friend Nupur through this horrible time brought about by #PMCBankCrisis combined with her mother’s ill health & lockdown in our industry. Today I want to appreciate all of you & appeal to not contribute any further,” Renuka wrote in a series of tweets on Tuesday. She continued, “An angel from our film industry has helped Nupur with a staggering help that will help Nupur’s mother get the best possible treatment. This angel has already helped so many actors, workers from the film industry without any expectation of even a thank you in return. He read about my FB post asking for help on Twitter. He called Ranaji for details about what I had shared. He asked how much Nupur needed. I told him the amount she had asked for and he told me that it will be done. And it was & topped up with more.”

Renuka added, “At a time when there is this raging debate about people not being there for each other, this angel has proved that there are gems like him who will stand by someone in need, someone who they have never met or worked with. My gratitude to this immensely generous, the compassionate angel is boundless & forever. This angel is none other than superstar @akshaykumar. A man with a heart of pure, unadulterated gold.”

Nupur Alankar is known for various TV shows like Reth, Pran Jaaaye Par Shaan Na Jaaye, Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon and Ek Baar Phir. In an earlier interview this month, Nupur revealed that with their accounts frozen and was in desperate need of money, she had to sell off her jewelry to survive. “With no money at home and all our accounts frozen, I was left with no option, but to sell off my jewelry. In fact, I had to borrow Rs 3000 from a fellow actor. Another one transferred Rs 500 for my commute. So far, I have borrowed Rs 50,000 from friends. There is no clarity when the problem will be resolved and we are scared that we will lose our money,” she said.