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‘Remove China Apps’ application has gone viral amid coronavirus pandemic and Anti-China sentiment.

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Remove China Apps is an Android application that claims to identify the applications that have been made in China on your phone and then delete them. The creators of the Remove China Apps claim that the app is developed for educational purposes, that is, it helps users to identify the origin of certain apps, and further they can delete them.

However, as the name suggests, Remove China Apps only removes the apps that have been originated from China.
The application has been hyped a lot by people. The app is currently on the top spot of Google Play Store. It is available on Google to play for free. The Remove China Apps has been downloaded by more than 10 lakh users since its launch. The application has largely received positive reviews with a 4.8 ratings on Google Play Store.

The application was launched on the 17th of May 2020. However, it has gained a lot of popularity because of the Anti-China sentiment. People are starting to learn more about China and how they have been ‘trapping’ people because of Sonam Wangchuk’s now-viral video, “China ko jawaab/Cheen ko jawaab” (link given below).

The anti-China sentiment is extremely high in the country because of several controversies such as YouTube vs Tiktok row, India-China border dispute, novel coronavirus pandemic sparked by China and more. Notably, a survey recently indicated that 67 percent of Indians hold China responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, due to these controversial issues, several Indians are now looking for alternatives to Chinese Products and phone applications.
Recently, India came up with an alternate to TikTok, which means another app playing on similar sentiments-Mitron. This app has gained traction over the last several days. Mitron has crossed over 50 lakh downloads on Google Play Store, that many belief is India’s response to China’s Tiktok, however, a recent report indicated that the Mitron app’s source code was purchased from a Pakistani firm.