Red Notice

Red Notice, the upcoming Netflix original film, has released a new trailer.

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New footage from Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds’ Red Notice has surfaced. The OTT platform Netflix (November 12, 2021) and movie theatres (November 5, 2021) will release the film. When people think of Interpol’s Red Notice program, the first thing they ask is, “What is it, and how does it work?” Learn more about it in the article below, including what it is and how important it is.

Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds responded on Twitter as follows:

A Red Notice informs law enforcement agencies worldwide that a person is wanted on an international warrant. Criminals frequently attempt to flee the country to avoid being caught and brought to jail. A global request known as a Red Notice asks law enforcement agencies worldwide to locate a fugitive and temporarily detain the person whose extradition is pending or whose surrender is sought by the authorities.

There are only two things to take away from the Red Notice:

I) It contains information that can be used to identify the person. Such as their name, date of birth, nationality, eye and hair color, pictures, and fingerprints, among other things.

Additionally, it contains details regarding the offense they were wanted, such as murder, robbery, child trafficking, or abuse.

As opposed to an arrest warrant, the Red Notices serve as a “global wanted notice.”

By Interpol’s Constitution, these notices are made public at the request of any member country.

Up to this point, the following red notices have been released:
There are now 66,370 active Red Notices, of which 7669 are open to the public.

Interpol’s official website publishes an excerpt of Red Notice in various situations involving the need for public assistance or the presence of someone who constitutes a threat to public safety. Here’s what it appears to be like:

Webpage with a red warning sign

It is common to practice to issue Red Notices to people wanted for prosecution or sentence service. Legal actions would then be initiated in the country making the request. The parent nation of the fugitive can request the Red Notice. But so can other countries where the crime was committed.

The Red Notice must be issued against someone who has been proven guilty. As long as they haven’t been proven guilty, they are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Other Details
Interpol does not seek individuals; instead, the country in which the fugitive commits any crime seeks the individual. Each member would receive a legal value and the authority to make arrests that Red Notice affords them.
For the most part, Red Notices have proven incredibly useful in tracking down criminals who flee their home countries for a country where their judicial system is invalid. Due to these notifications, fugitive criminals can be apprehended.