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Red Corner Notice issued by Interpol against so called respected businessman Nirav Modi.

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Interpol issued a red corner notice against the fugitive diamond trader Nirav Modi, his brother Nishal Modi and his employee Subhash Parab, on the request of the CBI investigating the $ 2 billion PNB scam. Sources said that the notice was issued on June 29, but the International Police Cooperation Agency has made it public today.

According to him, the smooth transit of Nirav Modi’s border will now become difficult and it may be possible to arrest him along the way. Interpol issued this Red Corner Notice (RCN) on the basis of the arrest warrant issued by the CBI’s chargesheet filed in the special court in Mumbai and the special judge JC Jagdale here.

In RCN, Interpol has told its 192 member countries that if a fugitive person is seen in his country then he should be arrested or taken into custody. After this, the extradition or deportation process can be initiated. Several weeks before the country’s biggest bank scam came to light, in the first week of January, Nirav Modi left his country with his wife Ami Modi, a American citizen, brother Nishal Modi, a Belgian citizen and Mama Mehul.

All of them are named as accused in the FIR filed by CBI. In the case of alleged corruption and cheating, the CBI has included Nirav Modi and Mehul Vigilance in addition to Nishal and Parab in charge sheet in the charge sheet. Nirav and his uncle Mahul refused to return to India to attend the investigation, citing business and health reasons and other reasons.

The bases also have information
In RCN, Interpol has given detailed information of all five passports of Nirav. These passports were issued between May 2008 and May 2017. It also has information that the Indian government has canceled these passports, yet it has been successful in traveling on their basis. The CBI has also given Interpol five addresses of Nirav Modi, from New York’s Manhattan, East Chester and Central, and an address is from Dubai’s Al Bayan. According to sources, this information has also been given that it is likely to go to Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Belarus, Brussels, New York, UAE and other places.

The CBI had tried to detect Nirav Modi by giving a diffusion notice issued through Interpol on 15th February, but this did not help much as the answer to the CBI’s request was only answered by the British. The CBI had told that on February 24, the information was broadcast in the central database of Interpol that despite the Government of India canceling the passport of Nirav, he continued to travel to many countries.

What is red corner notice
Interpol can issue a total of 7 types of notices. Six of these notices have been named after the name of color. Red Corner Notices are also one of these. Apart from this, the other notices are Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, Orange and Interpol UN. As far as red corner notice is concerned, Interpol issues it on the request of a member country. The purpose of this is to inform all member states that an arrest warrant has been issued against a particular person in his country. The Red Corner Notice is not an international warrant warrant because the right to issue an arrest warrant is to the respective country, but roughly it is taken as an international arrest warrant. Interpol does not send its officials to arrest such people nor does it demand from any of their member countries that the person should be arrested.