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Recovered people from coronavirus: their immunity to fight with COVID-19 will remain only for 6 months: study

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The immunity of people recovered from coronavirus infection can only work for six months and therefore the chances of those people can again infect with coronavirus. Scientists have made this claim at a time when plans are being made to give ‘immunity passports’ to people in Britain, ie those who are free from infection will be allowed to work and go out.

Researchers at the University of Amsterdam have tested four different types of coronavirus on 10 people over the last 35 years. According to the report, these four corona virus-infected persons have common cold problems and this is worryingly revealed that the duration of immunity in them does not last long. They say that after 12 months they are constantly infected and after six months the level of antibodies starts to decrease from the body.

On the other hand, Health Secretary Matt Hancock in Downing Street in Britain announced on Thursday that the government has signed a proposal to make one crore anti-testing kits. He emphasized the science of enhancing immunity and how long it can remain in the human body. He also confirmed that the minister is working on the system of the certificate through which people safe from Corona will be allowed to go to work and roam.

On the other hand, a trial is going on at Oxford University regarding the Corona virus vaccine. On this, the University of Amsterdam says that people have to take the vaccine every year to avoid the virus. However, the study is at an early stage and senior scientists have not reviewed it.