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Recorded a space walk, completed 5 months mission, returned 3 astronauts.

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Washington, After completing his mission at the International Space Station, three astronauts returned to Earth on Wednesday. All three aboard the Soyuz spacecraft reached Kazakhstan. American Agency NASA’s Mark Wendy Hei, Joey Akba and Russian Space Agency Roskosmos Alexander Misurkin were part of Expedition 54 at ISS.

Three-and-a-half-month long mission, along with research, spurred many times in space. Missourkin spent 334 days in space, and with his partner Anton Shakaplerov, records eight hours and 13 minutes of space walk. Akba spent 306 days in space. Hei went to space for the first time.

While roaming in space, Hei has repaired the robotic arm in the space station. At the same time, Akba installed new cameras. Now the members of Expedition 55 are researching under the leadership of Shakaskarov’s Roskosmas. His crew included NASA’s Flight Engineer Scott Tingle and Japan’s Norrisige Canai. A third member of the three-member team will reach the ISS on March 23.