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RD Burman death Anniversary: He gave Indian music a worldwide edge

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Rahul Dev Burman (RD Burman) is regarded as a musical wizard. RD Burman, often known as Pancham Da, is a Bollywood music genius that no one has been able to catch up with. He supposed to have believed in nothing else than music. He is also acknowledged for introducing jazz and rock elements to Hindi music. Today marks the 27th anniversary of RD Burman’s death. His followers and music fans are commemorating him on this special day.

Because RD Burman had collaborated with several international performers, his music had a worldwide flavor. His work has influenced a new generation of artists. From Vishal Shekhar to Amit Trivedi, many music directors have stated that Pancham Da’s music has always influenced them. Pancham da gave Indian music a new identity. From the 1960s through the 1980s, he was a prolific songwriter who produced hundreds of popular songs.

Sachin Dev Burman, RD Burman’s father, was also a musician, while his mother was a lyricist. RD Burman inherited music in such a scenario. He has been producing music since he was a child. RD Burman’s genius in Bollywood was that no one else came close to matching it. He commanded the music industry for decades and continues to be an inspiration to many music fans.

We’ve compiled a list of some of RD Burman’s finest songs.

  1. Do laphjon kee hai prem kahaanee (The great gambler)
  2. Tujhase naaraaj nahin jindagee (maasoom)
  3. Kuchh na kaho (1942: A love story)
  4. Piya too ab to aa ja (kaaravaan)
  5. Chura liya hai tumane jo dil ko (yaadon kee baaraat)
  6. Jindagee ke saphar mein (aap kee kasam)
  7. Naam gum jaega (kinaara)
  8. Ye dostee (shole)
  9. Chehara hai ya chaand (saagar)
  10. Tere bina jindagee se (aandhee)