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RBI issued an alert on banks for fraud through UPI.

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Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has warned banks about a new type of bank fraud, in which money can be withdrawn from customers’ bank accounts through the UPI. Fraudsters can execute fraudulent ways.

In this way, the fraudster sends an app to download AnyDesk. After this, the hackers take his phone on the remote through nine digits of the victim’s mobile phone. The RBI said in the advisory, “As soon as the fraudster puts this app code in his mobile phone, he asks for some permissions from the victim, as it happens after downloading the other app.”

This makes access to the mobile phone of the victim of fraud and he executes the wrong way. According to the RBI, this method of fraud can be used for transactions, through any mobile banking app related to payments such as UPI or wallet.

The two people who have kept the information told our associate Economic Times that the central bank has sent all the commercial banks to the criminal because it has threatened the amount of thousands of crores deposited in the accounts of retail customers.