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Ravi Teja 53rd Birthday: Do you know these facts about Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja

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Ravi Teja is known for his energy levels as a human being. He works hard. The Bengal Tigers show off the villains with the Khatarnak dialogue delivery. Although Baladur looks like an idiot, this boy is a thief who stole the minds of the audience. He is not the hero who is cracking the box office of the Telugu cinema. Maharaja Ravi Teja today entered the age of 53. He has lined up interesting projects that look very young even at this age. Now he has a level market of his own but at the beginning of his career he had a lot of trouble. He came to be a director and then became busy as an actor with his talent. Especially from the side character to the hero level. And a look at his career.

Just believing his hard work: Ravi Teja

Born on January 26, 1968, in Jaggampet, Andhra Pradesh, Ravi Teja dreamed of making films as a child. The movie is so vital that there are so many instances of watching four shows a day. Ravi Teja’s real name is Bupathiraju Ravi Shankar Raju. He grew up without any desires except cinema.

Directors Gunasekhar and YVS Chowdhury were very close to Ravi Teja at a time when the directors had little contact when they first came to the Roommates industry. They are also three roommates. All three have seen successful careers. Their combination also led to the film Nippu at the time.

Ravi Teja without looking back

It is known that at first you were introduced to the movie as a hero. The film, directed by Srinu White, received a good craze in the industry. After that, without looking back, Itlu Sravani further increased his status with films like Subramaniam, Idiot, Venky, Vikrama, Kick.

Ravi Teja’s career biggest hit

It is known that Maharaja Ravi Teja received a box office hit for this wallpaper with the movie Crack. The film has already grossed over Rs 50 crore and is the biggest box office hit of Ravi Teja’s career. It is known that Gopichand Malineni directed the film.

Without counting hunger at all

Although Maharaja Ravi Teja initially showed interest in acting, he persevered into the industry to become a director. He has also been doing supporting roles in top hero movies. He climbed high peaks just believing in his hardships without counting any insults or hunger.