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Rapidly increasing corona cases in India are very scary. The country may be beset with a crisis like poverty, unemployment, starvation, and health.

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Coronavirus cases have been steadily increasing in the past. The situation is that record cases are coming out one after another. Due to this, cases of corona infection in the country are rapidly increasing to the level of 1 lakh. Around 5000 new cases were reported on Sunday, which became the biggest record of a day. With this, the figure of coronavirus infection reached near 96 thousand. If the same situation prevails, till the end of today’s day, cases of corona infection in the country will touch the level of 1 lakh and this day the country will never forget.

More than 5000 cases surfaced
On Sunday, 5005 new cases of coronavirus were reported, which is the record for the highest number of cases in a day. After which the number of corona infected in the country has reached 95,679. Record cases have been coming up in the last few days, which are scaring people.

View data for the last few days
On Saturday, 4,885 cases of corona infection were reported, the highest number of cases recorded in a single day. Earlier on Friday, a total of 3787 cases of coronavirus were reported, due to which the cases of corona infection in India exceeded China (84,031). This was the sixth consecutive day when more than 3500 cases of corona occurred in India. After that, all the records from the cases were broken. That is, it would not be wrong to say that there have been more than 3500 cases of coronavirus in the last 8 days. If today around 4300 coronavirus cases are reported on Monday, then the infection will cross the 1 lakh level. Of course, no one would like that, but looking at the matter of the last two days, there is a fear.

Rise of infection rate
Lockdown, social distancing are all happening in the country, but the cases of coronavirus are increasing continuously. A major reason for this may be the concessions given in Lockdown 3.0. Under this, shops were opened in the country, people were given the freedom to move out of the houses at a certain time because the economic activities were stopped due to the closure of shops, which caused the people to die of starvation. On the other hand, millions of migrant laborers have been migrating their homes since the start of lockdown till now, many of whom are not even following social distancing.