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Rape in India: 10th class Indian student raped by Principal, two teacher and more than 15 students.

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A heart-rending incident has emerged from Saran of Bihar. Here a minor girl who has studied in a private school has accused the school’s headmaster, two teachers and 15 students for gang-rape for seven months. On the statement of the 10 class student, Saran police arrested six accused on Friday, including two teacher and a principal including a teacher.

According to the victim, he was being harassed from the month of December, but he could go to the police on Friday because his father was in jail for a few months. The victim has accused 18 people in her FIR.

The victim, who was brought to Chapra for medical examination, told the media that in December, some students of the school raped her in a school toilet and made a video. The victim also did not know how many boys had raped her in the toilet. Since then, the boys blackmailed through the video and kept gang rape in the school itself.

The victim told that he complained this incident to the principal of the school, but instead of taking action, he started rape with two teachers. Saran SP Har Kishore Rai said that the victim named the names of 18 people, of which 15 students are included. SP said, “14 accused have fled, but they are being raided to catch them.”

At present, the girl was brought from Saran to Chapra for medical examination. His statement will be recorded in court on Saturday. According to sources, the victim’s father came out of jail on bail only a few days ago.