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Ramadan: A festival beyond fasting.

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To all the members of the human community, today is the day to celebrate the food, culture, and heritage of the Muslim community. Most of us know the meaning of the day is to eat, chill and celebrate EID but it is a lot more than fasting and celebrations.

Ramadan is known as a month of Quran (a holy book written by the lord). And it is believed that this month the book was written down by Allah. The book was written down to provide teachings about humanity, spirituality, and help our kind to be our true self.

We all are aware that during Ramadan the Muslim community follows a strict fasting routine that is they can only have a meal before sunrise known as ‘suhoor’ and after sunset which is known as ‘iftar’. The moral purpose of Ramadan is to enlighten humanity towards the pain and suffering of poor who cannot even afford a single meal of the day. Also it teaches us self-control and the value of what we are privileged with.

According to the Quran the doors of heaven open during Ramadan and the devil of all kinds get chained and locked in hell, which makes the community to do good deeds without any distractions. Things like ‘Zakat’ (obligatory charity) and ‘Sadqa’ (voluntary charity) are done during the holy month which morally focuses on the eradication of poverty from all over the world and spiritually focuses on forgiveness and purification form their sins.

Not only Quran talks about our present life deeds in flesh and bone but it also talks about the afterlife, it is believed that in the life after death we all will be accountable for our god and bad deeds individually and in the holy month of Ramadan we can ask for forgiveness for all our intentional and unintentional sins. ‘Taaravi’ is a special prayer held during nights of Ramadan to purify our souls and strengthen our relationship with the lord.

At last Eid is celebrated in the honor of all the successful sacrifices that we made to purify ourselves from our sins and strengthen our relationship with the true self and the lord.