Rajinikanth is asleep, no one should come to the hospital to meet him, Soundarya’s request

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There is a piece of recent news about the film actor Rajinikanth. Rajinikanth is ill and has been admitted to the Hyderabad Apollo Hospital. It has been reported that Rajinikanth has been admitted to the hospital due to fluctuations in blood pressure. He has been shooting a film in Hyderabad for the last 10 days. Apollo Hospital Hyderabad has shared information in this regard. Superstar Rajinikanth’s health has deteriorated this morning.

Rajinikanth is fine. He is in good health. Apollo Hospital doctors and Rajinikanth’s family have asked that no one come to see him as he is not allowed to see him. This afternoon, Rajinikanth suddenly fell ill. So it was reported that he was admitted to the Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad …

Shortly afterwards a statement was issued on behalf of the hospital management, in it, Rajinikanth has no corona symptoms, but his blood pressure is rising and falling sharply. He has been admitted to the hospital for testing. His blood pressure is stable and he will be monitored closely until he is discharged from the hospital

Apollo management issues a press release regarding the health of Rajinikanth

In this context, the Apollo management has now again issued a press release regarding Rajinikanth’s health. In it, “Rajinikanth’s health is being closely monitored. He is being given the right amount of medication to control his blood pressure. He will be in the hospital tonight. We will see how his health is tomorrow. He is healthy and at rest.

The family and the treating doctors have asked that no one come to see him as he is not allowed to see him. His daughter Aishwarya is with him. The Governor of Telangana spoke to the doctors on the phone with Rajini and wished him a speedy recovery, “the statement said.

Meanwhile, Rajinikanth’s daughter and director Soundarya Rajinikanth has released a message in which she asks political figures, fans and leaders not to come to the hospital to inquire about Rajinikanth’s health.

Earlier, DMK leader MK Stalin, Telangana Governor Tamizhai Saundarajan and others inquired about Rajinikanth’s condition at a hospital in Hyderabad. Also, Telugu Desam Party leader Chandrababu Naidu and actor Pawan Kalyan had congratulated Rajinikanth on his recovery.