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Railways will invite private companies to run a train on certain routes.

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The government is seriously considering giving private companies the responsibility of operating the passenger trains on some routes. A document from the Railway Board has shown that the government will arrange bids for private companies to run trains on low-congested and tourist routes in the next 100 days. To get the initial experience, the Railways can entrust their tourism and ticketing arm IRCTC to the management of two trains. Under this, the responsibility of providing services inside tickets and trains will be given to IRCTC and in return the railway will receive a fixed amount.

Begin from IRCTC
These trains will run on Golden Quadrilateral routes connecting big cities. The responsibility of railway rackes will also be given to IRCTC, the Railways will be given lease charge annually to the financing arm IRFC. After that, the Railways will give opportunity to the expression of interest to private companies so that it can know which companies come forward to gain the right to operate the passenger trains connecting the night-time and important cities. May be. This is said in the message of Chairman VK Yadav, Chairman of Board of Railway Board who received all the members of the Railway Board and top officers. It has been stated in the letter that the Railways will contact the trade unions before inviting the private companies.

Campaign to run subsidy on rail tickets
Apart from this, the people of Railways will have a huge campaign of appealing to leave the subsidy on tickets. When buying or booking a ticket, the passengers will be given the option of taking or leaving subsidies. The campaign to leave the subsidy on the rail ticket will be similar to the Ujjwala plan. Significantly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to economically feasible people to quit LPG subsidy. Later, Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan called on the leaders and asked for the release of subsidy. The effect of these efforts was that millions of people left the LPG subsidy, which PM Modi often mentioned in his speeches. According to the railway, only 53% of the cost of passenger transport business is achieved by the passengers.

Trying to follow the recommendations of the committees
In 2015, a committee headed by economist Bibek Debroy recommended several major changes in the railway. In the report of the committee, suggestions were made to include private companies in the operation of trains and to end the railway budget. More than a decade ago, a committee headed by Rakesh Mohan gave some similar suggestions, but these suggestions were taken very slowly. The government ended the tradition of presenting the Railway Budget separately, but other proposals, such as giving the responsibility of the operation of trains by private companies, went to the Legislature.