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Raghuram Rajan: The pace of economy will be slow if the coalition government is formed in 2019.

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New Delhi,
Before the Lok Sabha elections in the country, between the growing solidarity of the opposition parties against the Modi government, former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan has said that if the government comes to power after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections then the pace of the economy May be slow.

In a conversation with a media channel other than the World Economic Forum (WEF) held in Davos, Switzerland, he said that if coalition government is formed in the country then the pace of development can be slow. On the discussions on the Congress government coming to be finance minister, he said, “I am not a politician. I am not a politician. These are just speculations. ‘ If Rajan calls GST the right step, then the ban on bondage is a shock.

This statement of Raghuram Rajan affirms BJP’s slogan ‘not compelled for strong government’. Significantly, before the Lok Sabha elections, efforts are being made to form a grand alliance against the Modi government in the country. In the country’s largest state of Uttar Pradesh, the BSP and the SP have joined hands, the last time the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee collected non-NDA parties on its platform.

Political analysts believe that if BJP and its allies are not able to bring a full majority like 2014 and the Congress situation is better than before, then with the other parties, efforts will be made to keep Modi away from power. In 2014, BJP got a majority on its own and for this reason the government was able to move forward on many economic reforms.