Radioactive water

Radioactive water: What the world considers poison, Americans used to take as medicine!

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Scientists see radioactive water as a major problem. Generations can be wiped out if radiation enters the water supply. This is going to trigger a lot of serious illnesses. However, you may be astonished to learn that doctors employed Radioactive Distilled Water to treat disease in the past.

Even scientists who work in the nuclear industry have to deal with a wide range of medical ailments. This is as a result of radiation exposure. In the past, radioactive water was utilised as a medicine, not as a weapon. As an energy drink, it was bottled and marketed in small containers.

It was created in a lab using radioactive water

Radium-containing water was used to treat a variety of ailments as far back as the 12th century. In addition, this water was only available to the wealthy. It was also sold by a different brand, another from Radithor. According to the claims of the time, individuals drank this water to alleviate exhaustion and cancer, as well as to boost their manhood. They had no idea that they were being poisoned, and it was slowly killing them. Radium and mesothorium were found in this water. 2-ounce bottles were available. Bailey Radium Laboratories in New Jersey produced it, which was considered a tonic at the time.

How did radiation poisoning occur?
An American doctor once encouraged Eben Byers, an elderly man, to drink this radioactive water. He drank this medicine called Radithor after he had a wound on his hand. It had a lot of advantages. He drank three bottles a day from 1927 until December. Not only this, he drank 1400 bottles of radiated water by the year 1930 when he was still alive. This caused his teeth to fall out as a secondary effect. When he reached the age of 51, he barely had two teeth left. He had lost much of his head and jaw. That was the first time he had built a case against this particular water. After he died in 1932 when his body was analysed. The researchers were shocked to learn how much radiation he had absorbed. The manufacture of this water was halted after this incident.