QUAD discusses Chinese aggression in eastern Ladakh, stung dragon

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The same thing came to light this time in the quadrennial Manila(Quad) talks of China in 2007. US President Joe Biden on Friday gave the first clear indication that at the Quad’s first summit, there will be a strict eye on China. He said in gestures that it is necessary for the future that the Indo-Pacific region should remain independent and open.
He made it clear that America is very keen to work with the Quad countries. Without naming China in a gesture, Biden said that we are committed to peace in the Indo-Pacific region. China’s aggression in the East Ladakh sector was also discussed at the first quad summit. The attitude of the quad leaders on this issue was sympathetic. This thing is definitely going to sting China. He is already irritated about the quad.

The Quad Group is eyeing China’s stand

Significantly, the issue of East Ladakh was discussed at the Quad Summit at a time when the 21st diplomatic level meeting was held on Friday between India and China. It was for the withdrawal of troops along the Line of Actual Control. In it, both sides agreed that the two countries should continue negotiations to reach a mutually acceptable solution for the complete withdrawal of troops from all the deadlocked locations.

During the meeting, the US President also indicated that the group of quad countries would not be connected only on the issue of security. In future, this group will work together on many global issues.

PM Narendra Modi gave Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’s message
The 4 countries in the quad include India, America, Australia and Japan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the first quad summit on Friday. The virtual summit was attended by US President Joe Biden, Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison and Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihide Suga. At the first summit of the Quad Group, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “We are united for our democratic values ​​and our commitment to a free and inclusive Indo-Pacific region”. Sectors like emerging technology are included, which make the ‘Quad’ a force of global well-being. ”

He said, I see this positive outlook as an extension of India’s philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which considers the whole world as one family.

Biden expressed happiness talking to PM Modi

At the virtual summit, US President Joe Biden said that the ‘Quad’ is going to be an important platform for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region. He said, ‘We know our commitments … Our region is governed by international law. We are all committed to universal values ​​and are free from any pressure but I am optimistic about our possibility.

“The quad is going to be an important area in the Indo-Pacific region. I look forward to working with all of you in the coming years,” Biden said. Biden told Prime Minister Modi, “Very good to see you Figured. ‘The issue of increasing the manufacturing capacity of India was important in combating the Kovid-19 epidemic, exporting safe, cheap vaccines to the Indo-Pacific region in a meeting of the leaders of the Quad Group with a membership of Japan, Australia, USA and India.

China has already expressed opposition
In fact, even before this meeting, China had realized that its ill-mannered behaviour could be targeted. China has said before this meeting that countries should discuss mutual issues. It is to not target any third party while meeting among themselves. Significantly, it was noteworthy that for the first time in 2007, the quad countries met. But due to the interference of China, this alliance did not run properly.