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Qatar-Saudi conflict fast, form of change to fight.

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Doha, New weapons are being used in a conflict that has been going on between Qatar and its neighboring countries for a year. The conflict in Qatar is from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. This battle started with restrictions but today has reached Fake News and Hacking.

This development has separated the Gulf countries. After this, Qatar has been pushed to Iran and Turkey. It does not seem to get any benefit in any country. Fellow Christian of Rice University says that this atmosphere is becoming like the same as Saddam Hussein had made during the attack on Kuwait. He said that the Gulf countries are finding it difficult to come together.

In 2017, 9 countries, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, had ended relations with Qatar. This was due to the links of Qatar’s terrorists and Iran. After this the air traffic was stopped by blocking the border of Qatar. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia has kept 13 demands in front of Qatar. There was also a demand for closure of the news channel Al-Jazeera.

The dispute increased after the alleged speech of Qatar’s rich Shekh Tamim bin Althani. It was told that in one video he was praising Hamas, Hezbollah and Muslim Brotherhood and thanked Iran. Although Qatar has dismissed any such video.

After becoming President, Donald Trump welcomed the restrictions imposed on Qatar during the visit of Saudi Arabia. Following the statement of Trump, activity in this regard became increasingly intensified on Twitter, and tweets were tweeted in Qatar’s opposition and support.

During this time the incidents of hacking have also increased. Hashtags are running on twitter The channels are also showing different things. The Twitter handles are getting more tweets, most of them have been found to be fake. America tried to mediate but there is no solution to it.